keep in complete control of your funds, while you funds are traded and managed for you

Invision Global, in partnership with Exness, the world’s largest brokerage, provides you with a unique and secure way to manage and trade your portfolio through direct reflection trading. Our performance-based fund is tailored to help you maximize your profits while giving you full control over your funds.

Our fees are based on your profit performance, which means that we are motivated to generate the best possible returns for you. We operate on a monthly high-water mark system, where the highest peak in your investment performance sets the benchmark for the fund’s fees. You pay fees only on profits generated above the previous high-water mark. This approach means you are not penalized for market downturns, and we are incentivized to help you recover losses and generate returns above your previous peak.

Your portfolio is kept safe in individual segregated trust accounts, offering transparency and liquidity through your own Exness dashboard or Investor app. You retain complete control over your investments, with full visibility of your portfolio’s performance at all times. All deposits and withdrawals are handled directly with Exness, ensuring timely and efficient transactions.

We do not have any access to or influence over your funds, protecting your investment at all times. Whether you are an individual, corporate, or institutional client, you have direct access to your personalized dashboard or mobile Exness investor app 24/7, enabling you to access your portfolio’s performance and seize opportunities.

Partner with us for complete transparency and take advantage of the Invision offering. Contact us today to take control of your investment portfolio with the help of our team of professionals!

“Whether you a millennial just starting out, a baby boomer facing retirement or a sophisticated investor looking to keep your edge, we have the solution”